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A Leader in Packaging Products & Solutions.
Bags & Balers Manufacturers (K) Ltd produces quality packaging products & solutions for a wide range of applications across all industry sectors.


Who We Are

Bags & Balers Manufacturers (K) Ltd is a recognized leader in providing quality packaging products and solutions to a wide range of clientel within East Africa. When customers select from our extensive line of products – plain or branded – we ensure a delivery of consistently high quality products.

Bags & Balers Manufacturers (K) Ltd prides itself in innovation of quality and diversity of product range that allows us to cater for a wide range of applications within manufacturing, packing, hospitality, transportation, retail, food and more.


Smart Packaging

We are Smart & Sustainable

At Bags & Balers, we see ourselves as a responsible brand citizen company. As a result we have been using new technologies to develop packaging made with recycled materials, or using traditional materials in new ways, to improve our environmental impact credentials.

Our continued investment in innovative and sustainable packaging solutions is making a valuable contribution to the regions retailers and brand owners; by adopting our vibrant and innovative packaging they sway the purchase decisions that many consumers make when choosing a product.

Quality Assurance

We strive to satisfy our customers by providing them with quality packaging products that meet global standards. We do this effectively and efficiently, by operating and continually improving a Quality Management System that meets the requirements of the ISO 9001:2008 standard.

A Leader in Packaging Products & Solutions

Quality packaging products & solutions for a wide range of applications across all sectors

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